Beat the Peak

Help DREMC save by joining the Beat the Peak Army

What are peak periods?

Have you ever thought about how many devices powered by electricity are switched on in your home right now or at what time of day your household uses the most electricity?

These factors not only affect your monthly bill but also what you might have to pay in the future.

The times you use electricity – not just the amount you consume – impact how much Duck River Electric Membership Corporation must pay for the wholesale power it buys from the Tennessee Valley Authority. Too much demand at a particular time of day can cause the price of power to ratchet upward. We call this a “peak”.

What can I do?

DREMC will alert its Email Army the day before a peak is expected. The email warnings will go out in the afternoon and evening preceding a forecasted winter peak event. If you’d prefer to receive a text message, just let us know when you enroll.

Also, local radio stations will help us by issuing Beat the PeakTM alerts. These brief on-air warnings will be timed to reach drivers on their evening commutes.

Being part of the Beat the PeakTM Army means you will:

  • Be notified in advance of peak power events and asked to implement energy-saving measures that are simple and painless but that can make a big difference in winter’s freezing cold or summer’s intense heat.

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(The e-mail address provided will only be used to communicate about account status, power outages, peak demand, energy efficiency, programs and events. Except as required for conducting satisfaction surveys and polling related to the Distributor’s business, The Distributor shall not share member emails with any third party or cause such address to be used for unauthorized solicitation and communication)