Access the savings 3 different ways!

Co-op Connections membership + the mobile app
= $$$ in your wallet!

# 1 Visit and sign up for FREE membership. This will register you in the Co-op Connections program and give online access to valuable discounts and printable coupon deals. It also helps you know where your Co-op Connections wallet card is accepted. You will need a valid email address and password, which you create, to access the website each time you log in.

# 2 Download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. It’s a great way to know which businesses participate in the member-benefit program. The app’s GPS locator will help you find Co-op Connections discounts anywhere you travel!

# 3 Use the Co-op Connections wallet card! Local businesses accept the wallet card when redeeming your discount. When visiting national chain restaurants or shops that are in the area, it may be best to redeem the discount using the mobile app or printed coupon.