DREMC Braces for High Electricity Demand, Calls for Beat the Peak

DREMC Braces for High Electricity Demand, Calls for Beat the Peak

Forecasts indicate that Wednesday morning’s temperature will be one of the coldest mornings of the month so far. Morning lows in the upper teens to low twenties on Wednesday, November 28, combined with higher electricity demand due to home heating, could produce a monthly peak for Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC).

The electric co-op plans to activate Beat the PeakTM and implement other power conservation measures to lower the impact of spiking Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) wholesale rates during the hour of greatest demand. This is when the cost of electricity purchased by DREMC can increase to almost $10 per kilowatt-hour.

The Beat the PeakTM alert window on Wednesday is from 6-8 AM.

“This is when our temperature and electric load forecasts show the possibility of highest demand,” says DREMC Member Services Manager Carol Garrette.

Beat the PeakTM is a network of thousands of residential households that are sent peak alert warnings via email, text message and ads broadcast on local radio stations. Members voluntarily reduce their electricity use during the time when demand is highest.

Co-op members are asked to set heating system thermostats down at least three degrees, turn off lights in unoccupied rooms, avoid using ovens and dish washers, delay doing laundry (especially running the clothes dryer) and reduce hot water use during the two hours when the peak could occur.

When the peak period has passed, normal electricity use can resume.

“Demand reductions lessen the impact of higher wholesale power costs, which eventually must be passed on to the membership through rates,” Garrette says.
To sign up for Beat the PeakTM emails and texts, click on the “My Account” tab, or contact your local DREMC office.