DREMC Could See System Peak Thursday or Friday Morning

DREMC Could See System Peak Thursday or Friday Morning

Mother Nature is pitching a double-whammy of frigid temperatures at the Middle Tennessee region this Thursday and Friday, Dec. 15-16. The mercury will dip into the teens both mornings, causing greater demand for electricity and the possibility of a new monthly peak.

Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC) will activate Beat the Peak™ both mornings from 6 until 8 a.m. to help offset the greater cost of wholesale power from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). When the system sets a peak, the price of TVA power can go from around 11 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to almost $10.

Beat the Peak™ is a network of thousands of residential co-op households that are sent peak alert warnings via emails, text messages and ads broadcast on local radio stations. They voluntarily reduce their electricity use during the time when demand is projected to be highest.

“Temperature and load forecasts for Thursday and Friday mornings are almost identical across the Duck River system,” says Steve Oden, DREMC’s director of Member Services.

“We believe it is important to have consecutive activations of Beat the Peak in order to make sure we cover the high-demand event, whether it happens on Thursday or Friday morning.”

Co-op members are asked to set heating system thermostats down at least three degrees, turn off lights in unoccupied rooms, avoid using ovens and dish washers, delay doing laundry (especially running the clothes dryer) and reduce hot water use during the two hours when the peak could occur.

When the peak period has passed, normal use of electricity can resume.

Demand reductions achieved through Beat the Peak lessen the impact of higher wholesale power costs, which eventually must be passed on to the DREMC membership through rates. To sign up for Beat the Peak emails and texts, go to www.dremc.com or contact your local DREMC office.