Lower your energy bill with our FREE In-Home Energy Audit

Lower your energy bill with our FREE In-Home Energy Audit

Duck River EMC wants to help you learn how to lower your electric bills when taking advantage of all the available resources, including the FREE In-Home Energy Audit conducted by our residential energy advisor.

This free energy audit includes a walk-through inspection of the home by DREMC’s residential energy advisor, who will rate your attic insulation, air sealing, windows, duct work and central unit and offer ways to improve both comfort and efficiency. The audit will reveal specific areas where your home needs improvement to prevent air leaks, thus stopping the loss of conditioned air.

The average in-home energy audit only takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to complete, and it’s the first step in locating problem areas in your home that are wasting your energy dollars.

Scheduling your FREE In-Home Energy Audit is simple! Just call DREMC’s member services department at 931-680-5883 or email us at corpinfo@dremc.com.

DREMC members may also take a free, do-it-yourself energy evaluation at www.2escore.com and learn how to improve your home’s energy efficiency, save money and live comfortably. The self audits can be completed online, or you may pick up a paper version of the audit at any DREMC office. If you’d like a paper version of the self audit mailed to you, please call your local DREMC district office. Answer all of the audit questions to the best of your ability, and submit your completed audit online. Please return the printed version via mail in the postage-paid envelope provided.

After completing the eScore self audit, you’ll receive a free energy-saving starter kit by mail in the following weeks that includes items to help you begin improving your home’s efficiency!

Energy audits can lead to energy savings and lower energy bills when you follow the professional advice from our experts! Look for more energy-saving advice, helpful tips and myth-busters in future issues of The Tennessee Magazine, and visit other pages of our website for additional ways to save.

Following a recent In-Home Energy Audit,
a Coffee County member said:

“Thank you so much for this service Pat provided. I learned a lot, and he was very polite and helpful!”