Scammers target Marshall County over weekend banner image

Scammers target Marshall County over weekend

Scammers target Marshall County over weekend

SCAM ALERT: Another electric bill payment scam has surfaced in the Marshall County area this weekend as impersonators told DREMC members to call the numbers below and pay certain amounts toward their electric bills or electricity would be turned off.

The members were wise to the scams and quickly reported the calls to DREMC.

Please be advised that DREMC does not make calls demanding payments be made to avoid service disconnections. If you receive such a call, hang up and call your local DREMC district office number to verify the amount owed on your account and when the amount is due.
This time one of the scammer’s calls originated from 931-441-0070, and the person gave 888-717-9876 as the number to call and make the payment via phone using a debit or credit card.

Please beware of payment scams such as this. Always call your local DREMC office if you get suspicious calls demanding bill payment and threatening power disconnection.