Advanced Meter Benefits

Advanced meter technology offers lots of benefits!

In fact, your advanced meter and DREMC’s mobile app combine to help you be even smarter about your use of electricity. It’s because the advanced meter gives you access to daily energy use data on your phone by text or email. So in addition to providing your electricity, DREMC gives you the power to manage it. It’s our mission to empower you through the use of new technologies that go along with our time-tested service. Now that’s genius! 

Here’s just how your advanced meter makes you feel like a genius:

IMPROVED MEMBER SERVICE by providing detailed data about energy use in the home and business

IMPROVED RELIABILITY by identifying and pinpointing outages more quickly

IMPROVED EFFICIENCY in holding down costs for your cooperative


A true member experience:

Recently, a DREMC member discovered that his central unit’s emergency heat strips were stuck in the “on” position after noticing a tremendous increase in his daily energy use reported in the text alert. Because the malfunction was discovered quickly, the member was able to correct the problem to help avoid a high electric bill and further damage to his home. That’s genius!


Sign up to receive DREMC’s daily energy use alerts via text or email. Daily energy use alerts help you keep track of how much electricity you’re using to make decisions on how to better manage your bill.


Website Customer Portal

  • From our website, go to MY ACCOUNT, and click on the LOG IN menu option.
  • Enter your nine-digit DREMC account number and create a password. Be sure to store your password in a secure place as you will need it again.

Creating your online account will give you access to your account profile, billing and usage history, make payments, report outages, PLUS you can select the alerts and reminders you wish to receive from DREMC regarding your account.

Mobile App

Downloading DREMC’s mobile app is FREE!

  • Simply visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and download DREMCmobile.
  • Enter your DREMC account number and password.

Like the website customer portal, you’ll be able to access the same account information, pay bills, report outages and select the text and/or email alerts and reminders you wish to receive.

If you’d like more information about the advanced meter, please click here.

Mobile App
Website Customer Portal