¡Con destino a DC en el WYT 2019!

¡Con destino a DC en el WYT 2019!

Nearly 1,800 high schoolers from rural America are packing their suitcases and will soon be boarding airplanes and buses bound for Washington, D.C., this week to learn about the political process, meet elected officials and gain an up-close understanding of U.S. history as they tour numerous monuments and memorials and visit renown sites in and around the D.C. area.

It’s all part of the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour, and DREMC organizers are wrapping up preparations for the event, which runs June 14-20 for Tennessee participants. With around 2,000 national participants, including 10 from DREMC’s service area, and about 250 are adult chaperones, this year’s Washington Youth Tour (WYT) is expected to bring unforgettable excitement and education to these young adults.

DREMC’s 2019 WYT participants are shown at right. They will be accompanied by Connie Potts and Pat Garrett of DREMC’s member services department, who serve as tour advisors and chaperones.

“I want these students to come away with a realization of how blessed we are as a nation to have access to things that improve our lives, and that if there’s ever a way to give back to improve someone else’s life, it’s our jobs as human beings to give back where and when we can,” said DREMC Interim President and CEO Charles McDonald. “Sponsoring these young people on the Washington Youth Tour is an investment in their futures as well as ours, and we are proud to support educational experiences like this.”

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