Duck River EMC realiza una encuesta sobre la banda ancha para medir el interés y el compromiso de sus miembros

Duck River EMC realiza una encuesta sobre la banda ancha para medir el interés y el compromiso de sus miembros

Beginning this week, Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC) and a Touchstone Energy third-party member survey affiliate, Bellomy Research, Inc., will initiate a market research study to better understand how its members are using and accessing the internet in their households as part of the cooperative’s ongoing due diligence relating to offering broadband services in its service area.

DREMC’s study will target the opinions of residential members who are randomly selected in efforts to represent various age groups who live in both rural and more densely populated areas within its service area. The purpose of the survey is to gather an accurate representation of current broadband availability and member interest and level of support of the utility offering internet service.

“The survey is being conducted by a reputable and trusted affiliate,” says Member Services Manager Carol Garrette. “We encourage our members to participate and voice their needs and opinions relating to our possible offering of internet service.”

The broadband survey will inquire about the following and other relative survey information:

  • Satisfaction with current internet service providers (ISP) and the services they provide
  • Current ISP pricing
  • Online behaviors (how often is internet service used or needed at the residence)
  • Level of interest in obtaining internet service for those currently without service
  • Importance of DREMC’s involvement in bringing broadband to rural areas

Garrette adds that some DREMC members will receive the survey via email while others will be contacted by phone. The email survey will originate from Bellomy Research, Inc. and will include the DREMC logo and cooperative’s name as the survey sponsor. The phone survey can be identified on Caller ID as “Opinion Counts” and will originate from the survey call center using a 336 area code. Furthermore, telephone interviewers will identify themselves as calling on behalf of DREMC.

“Member input is very important regarding the broadband venture,” adds Garrette. “We have spent months researching this possibility, weighing and considering all options and possibilities before making a conclusion on its feasibility and how it fits with our cooperative’s mission statement and commitment to our communities. This survey will serve DREMC as one more voice from our members and help us gauge the need for reliable, affordable broadband service, as well as member commitment, across our service area.”

If you have questions about the broadband survey, please contact the DREMC Member Services Department at 931-680-5883.