In-Home Energy Evaluation

Schedule a free Home Energy Evaluation!

The DREMC Home Energy Evaluation is FREE to our members. This includes a walk-through inspection of the home by DREMC’s residential energy advisor, who will rate your attic insulation, air sealing, windows, ductwork, and central unit to reveal steps you can take to improve both comfort and efficiency.

This audit will reveal specific areas where your home needs improvement to prevent air leaks, thus stopping the loss of conditioned air, which may be contributing to your higher-than-expected electric bill.

The average Home Energy Evaluation takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours and must be scheduled in advance through TVA’s EnergyRight program. It’s the first step in locating problem areas in your home that are wasting your energy dollars.

To begin, you must first register at If you’re already registered, please log in to your account. The website includes many helpful resources to help members save energy. Once you’re registered, request the Home Energy Evaluation. A DREMC employee will contact you to schedule your home’s evaluation at your convenience.

For more information about the FREE Home Energy Evaluation, please call the DREMC’s Residential Energy Advisor at 931-680-5886 or email us your question here.

Here are a few comments from DREMC members who have benefitted from the free, In-Home Energy Audits:

I am 100% pleased with Pat, DREMC and the service Pat provided. Pat is very personable and, more important, knowledgeable. Pat was clear in his ability to explain the deficiencies with the work done by the heating and cooling contractor. He helped me understand why the work done needs to be corrected and suggested the contractor come back, and he will meet them here to make sure the contractor understands the deficiencies and what needs to be done to satisfy their contract with me.


Excellent customer service!


Very knowledgeable. I learned a lot and will use the service in the future.


I appreciate that this service is offered. Thank you.

Very happy with Duck River Electric. Very informative, caring and helpful.


I am amazed in DREMC providing the service I received Jan. 17th. I was totally surprised that a rep came to my residence and provided operation info on my washer and dryer laundry unit. That was much over my head. I will never forget this wonderful service.

Pat did an awesome job. He was very informative about Duck River projects and we are new to Tennessee, so we are very excited to participate in them. He was very professional, polite and most of all very knowledgeable of all Duck River offers to the general public.


Very useful information. We knew out house needs some work, but we were not sure exactly what need to be fixed or which jobs should be a priority. Pat helped guide us in the right directions.