Online Tools for Businesses

Online Energy Tools for Businesses

DREMC is proud to offer commercial and industrial members informative tools to assist in making business energy decisions. Each business is unique and has its own set of energy needs. To better serve business members, we have tapped into several industry tools that offer energy advice specific to that industry. Whether your business is agriculture, education, medical or other, we have resources available that will help you make informed energy decisions.

To further assist DREMC’s business members with energy efficiency, DREMC offers the Comprehensive Services Program, which includes the following services:

  • Power quality monitoring to address voltage problems
  • Temporary metering to gather data on electric use
  • Power factor metering and recommendations
  • Grounding/lightning study and testing for lightning-protection recommendations
  • Demand-side management monitoring and testing for managing peak demand
  • HVAC studies and recommendations for improvements
  • Lighting studies and recommendations for the design of lighting systems
  • Wiring and electrical distribution equipment studies and recommendations for system improvement
  • Energy audits and recommendations on energy management opportunities
  • Water heating studies and cost comparison of alternate water heating methods
  • Infrared scans of electrical equipment and ultrasonic testing to locate compressed air leaks

To see if you qualify for one of these services and to set up a site visit, contact DREMC’s Business Programs Specialist at 931-680-5882.