Billing Info

Your meter will be read on or about the same day each month. Bills are due when received. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve your obligation to pay by the due date. After a 15-day net bill period, the gross amount of the bill is due.

If not paid by the due date, indicated on the bill, DREMC will mail a second notice 3-5 days following the past due day. The notice will serve as reminder that your account was not paid by the past due date, the amount of the unpaid charges on your account and the last day on which you must pay your electric charges before your account will be subject to disconnection and additional service charges. A meter set charge of $25 is assessed each time a meter is set, including new services or reconnections. Meters set after hours will incur additional charges.

Consumers who are experiencing hardships or who have unusual circumstances should advise, in person, the District Manager, prior to the final due date.

The Cooperative will work with community groups and agencies of local, state, and federal governments. Members can assist by adding $1 (or more) to their electric bills through our Project HELP program. Funds received through this program are used to help the elderly and handicapped with their energy bills.

A woman paying her bills on a tablet