Your Cooperative Membership

Your Membership Fee

When you establish electric service with DREMC, you are asked to pay a $10 membership fee, which not only establishes your cooperative membership, but it also offers several benefits, including those below.

Attending the DREMC Annual Meeting

We invite you to attend DREMC’s Annual Membership Meeting and participate in the election of directors, the business session and the decision-making process of your electric cooperative. Watch for annual meeting announcements each year!

The Tennessee Magazine

As a residential member, you will receive a subscription to The Tennessee Magazine, which contains information about your cooperative and the services we offer. The magazine is mailed to your home each month. If you have questions about the magazine, please contact DREMC’s co-op news editor, Gina Warren, P.O. Box 89, Shelbyville, TN 37160 or call 931-680-5880.

Access to DREMC’s programs and services

At DREMC, the members come first, and we work hard each day to deliver reliable and affordable electricity. We also offer helpful and convenient programs and services that add even more value to your cooperative membership. For details, click here.

Please complete the information down to the dotted line and forward the form to the District Office in your service area or return it to Please also include two forms of identification with your application.