Residential Programs

DREMC offers many programs to members to assist with energy services. See below for ways DREMC can help you.

  • Heat Pump Loan Program  – Apply for a low-interest, 10-year loan to help install an energy-efficient electric heat pump. Get the application here, and send the completed application and your photo ID to or fax to 931-909-1238.
  • Enroll at  – Get energy-efficient advice and take advantage of FREE in-house and self-energy audits. Enroll here, and use a member of TVA’s Quality Contractor Network for energy improvements for your home!
  • Home Energy Evaluation – For a more in-depth survey of your energy use, schedule a home energy audit by DREMC’s Residential Energy Advisor by calling 931-680-5886. The home energy audit is a free service and includes a walk-through of the home to rate attic insulation, air sealing, windows, ductwork, and the central unit.
  • DIY Energy Assessment – Take the DIY Energy Assessment to get customized, professional advice on how you can improve the efficiency of your home before you begin your improvements. Just go to to complete the audit online. You can also visit or call any DREMC office, and request a paper version of the self-audit.


  • New Homes Program – Building a new home? Make sure it’s energy-efficient according to DREMC’s New Homes Program, and you could qualify for a rebate ranging from $150 to $450. For details about our New Homes Program, call DREMC’s Residential Energy Advisor at 931-680-5886 or 931-205-2070.
  • Green Connect – DREMC’s Green Connect program allows residential members to construct small-scale renewable power generation systems to offset their energy use. Get details about the program here.
  • Solar Installation Calculator – Let us help you decide if solar is right for you! The Solar Installation Calculator tool can help you make an informed decision when considering a small-scale solar system for a residence or small business. Get an estimated cost and payback of installing solar in the Valley. Click here to access the solar calculator and get information about the investment. (Disclaimer: The solar calculator is provided by TVA as a reference tool only.)
  • Surge Suppression – DREMC leases a utility-grade surge protection device for just $5 a month. The device protects most home appliances from lightning strikes and electric surges that may enter through your meter base. An installation fee applies. Click here or ask your local DREMC office for details!

Also, don’t forget to try out one of our well-liked online tools at which will further educate you on how to save energy and reduce your electric use.