Right-of-Way Assistant Manager

Job description: The Right-of-Way (ROW) Assistant Manager is tasked with administering a comprehensive vegetation management program to ensure reliable and safe electric service. Coordinate with ROW contractors daily to ensure all work meets DREMC standards. They clearly communicate plans and available options to members while explaining the benefits of maintaining the right-of-way of the electric distribution system.

Location: Central service area

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. Coordinate ROW contract crews to ensure maintenance is performed to specifications in an efficient, effective manner.
  2. Knowledge of DREMC ROW easements and cooperative procedures.
  3. Conduct daily field inspections of contractors to ensure expectations are met.
  4. Communicate with members in advance of planned projects that may impact them.
  5. Communicate the intended methods of clearing ROW to members to ensure expectations are met to achieve optimal clearance.
  6. Coordinate with the ROW Manager on any service orders from districts or members to determine areas in need of off-cycle maintenance.
  7. Inspect service orders to see what degree of work will need to be completed, if any.
  8. Resolve any member concerns that contractors are unable to remedy.
  9. Assist in the evaluation and planning of future jobs and projects.
  10. Assist in clearing and removal of vegetation, as needed.
  11. When meeting with members, must possess the aptitude to react accordingly and negotiate the desired outcomes for the safe, reliable, and economic operation of the power distribution system.
  12. Prepare and submit weekly data to enable the ROW manager to evaluate performance toward goals required for the current cycle.
  13. Knowledge of and ability to interpret OSHA, RUS, and DREMC safety rules and regulations to ensure compliance.
  14. Consistently demonstrates an intense intellectual curiosity that is controlled by sound business judgment in the best interests of DREMC.
  15. May be required to attend training related to ROW or vegetation management to stay current on industry standards.

Minimum Requirements:

Education — A High School diploma or equivalent is required.
Experience — Minimum of two (2) years of right-of-way experience, line work, or electric utility support functions such as safety or heavy equipment operation is required.
Certification/License, etc. — Must possess or be able to obtain the Tennessee Right of Way Pest Control (C06). Valid Tennessee Driver’s License or ability to obtain Tennessee driver’s license prior to the first day of employment. Must be eligible and remain insured as a driver by the Cooperative’s group liability policy for the automotive fleet.
Knowledge/Skills/Abilities — A broad understanding of the electric utility industry is desired. In-depth knowledge of vegetation control methods, line clearance safety, and environmental compliance requirements related to electric utility operation. Excellent communications skills, both oral and written, and ability to deal with a variety of internal and external contacts.

Reports to:  Vice President of Operations

Benefits: DREMC provides a comprehensive program of employee benefits, including group medical, dental, vision, employer-sponsored medical clinic, life, and long-term disability insurance programs, defined benefit retirement, and 401K savings plans, tuition reimbursement.


  1. Candidates must submit a cover letter and resume. Send resume to employment@dremc.com.
  2. Candidates must also complete and submit the DREMC Employment Application, and email the form here.
  3. Complete the Voluntary Self ID of Disability Form, Self Identify Protected Veteran, & Voluntary Self Identification Form found here and submit the form to self-ID@dremc.com.