Co-op Connections Experiences

A member with diabetes was paying over $500 for monthly medications not covered by her insurance. Using her Co-op Connections Card at a participating pharmacy, she is now paying just over $150 per month! This is a significant member savings and a life changer!

While dining in at a local Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, a member noticed that the national restaurant chain is listed in Co-op Connections. Using the mobile app, he saved $5 off the total meal purchase for his family!

A member recently rented an SUV from Hertz in Tullahoma using the Co-op Connections discount. “It saved us 10 percent on our six-day rental. This may not look like much on the overall receipt, but it totaled $27.89, which was enough to buy my family ice cream at the beach!”

Another member saved $40 on his prescriptions in Manchester at a local pharmacy. He said that was half the total cost of his medication!

A Bedford County DREMC member saved 10% on gutter installation with a local contractor participating in the Co-op Connections program. Not only was the member happy with the quality of work done by the contractor, but she saved $113 on the cost! Since then the member has referred the gutter contractor to several other DREMC members who are using their member-benefit discount card to receive the discount on home improvements! 

A member recently took a vacation to the west coast. Before she left, she researched participating hotels for possible savings. Booking stays at Best Western Hotel locations (just one of the hotel chains in the program), her average night’s stay was reduced by $30 to $100 per night! She says, “It’s great! Downloading the app and using the member discount code found on the Co-op Connections website is so worth it!”

A DREMC family recently traveled to Minneapolis and visited The Mall of America and its Sea Life Aquarium. Remembering that, in addition to local discounts, Co-op Connections also includes national ticket discounts, she searched the program’s app and found a 20 percent discount on aquarium tickets! She and her family saved $21 on admission by simply using the Co-op Connections mobile app!

While visiting the MTSU campus, a DREMC family decided to eat at Slick Pig BBQ restaurant across from the university. The family saved 20 percent on their total meal purchase!