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What do the tree markings mean?

DREMC crews mark trees by spraying a code on the trunk according to the plan of action to remedy interference with overhead power lines. Those trees in our rights-of-way may be targeted for either trimming or removal to address safety, reliability and cost.

Below, we explain what each of the markings mean. Each method of trimming provides a safe clearance and encourages healthy growth of the tree away from overhead lines. To see diagrams of how these trees will be trimmed, please click here.

Marks for tree trimming:
  • T means a primary trim or side trim at a minimum of 20 feet from the power line.
  • C means crown reduction, directional pruning or V-cut down the middle of the tree, which are the methods used to encourage tree growth away from the power lines.
  • O means overhang, which removes limbs from the ground upwards to ‘sky.’  (Overhang limbs could be 80′ above the power line.)
  • S means a service/secondary trim within 3 feet of the service drop to the home.
  • X means the tree will be removed.