DREMC reports much progress made Tuesday restoring power

DREMC reports much progress made Tuesday restoring power

Many Columbia residents are without power from Sunday and Monday’s storms. DREMC outage information is updated real-time on the website.

Because of trees on lines, in many instances, crews are completely rebuilding infrastructure rather than making minor repairs, which takes more time than we would prefer.

“These storms hit central Tennessee electric utilities hard, and the adjacent utilities have no crews to spare as they normally would,” says DREMC President & CEO Scott Spence. “In addition to working early morning until midnight the past few nights, DREMC has brought in additional crews from northern Alabama and eastern Tennessee to help.”

DREMC anticipates the majority of DREMC members’ power will be restored by tonight.

“Please join me in thanking DREMC employees who continue working long hours in difficult circumstances to serve members,” says Spence. “We also appreciate the patience that members continue to share through these back-to-back storms.”