Allegiant begins advanced meter installs in Coffee, Moore counties

Allegiant begins advanced meter installs in Coffee, Moore counties

DREMC has employed a licensed contractor, Allegiant Utility Services, to change out your existing electric meter with an advanced meter to improve reliability and to give detailed data about energy use.

Our contractors have begun their work in the Manchester and Coffee County area and will soon be changing meters in Lynchburg and Moore County.

The Allegiant Utility Services contractors will be in uniform and will have photo identification cards. Their company vehicles display both the Allegiant logo and will also be labeled as a DREMC contractor, as shown in the photo.

When they arrive at your home, the installers will knock at the door to let you know they are there to replace your meter. The installers will not need, nor will they request, to enter your home nor will they request any personal information or payment from you for the meter replacement service.

“Utility scams occasionally circulate in our service area claiming to represent DREMC,” says DREMC CEO and President Michael Watson, “so we have made sure that the Allegiant contractors can be easily identified as professionals who represent Duck River Electric.”

If you have questions or concerns regarding the identity of anyone claiming to represent DREMC, please call your local office for verification.