Beware electric payment scammers

Beware electric payment scammers

Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC) members are advised to beware of electric payment scams claiming to be Tennessee Valley Authority and demanding payments be made immediately via phone to avoid service disconnection.

Two numbers are identified with the scammer’s calls, 615-812-1903 and 844-313-4985.

“We sincerely regret that scammers are targeting electric ratepayers,” says DREMC President and CEO Scott Spence, “DREMC has implemented ways to assist members via payment assistance and other resources offering financial relief.”

DREMC appreciates members calling our offices to report the scam as it gives the cooperative an opportunity to alert others.

“Please remember, if you have questions about a bill, deposit amount or recent payment, call your local DREMC office,” advises Spence.

If you receive a suspicious message regarding electric service, please contact the local DREMC office.