FREE Home Energy Evaluations

Learn what upgrades your home needs to be more energy efficient with a FREE In-Home Energy Evaluation from Duck River Electric’s residential energy advisor.*

The evaluation includes a walk-through inspection of the home by DREMC’s residential energy advisor, who will rate your attic insulation, air sealing, windows, ductwork, and central unit to reveal steps you can take to improve both comfort and efficiency.

The energy evaluation will reveal specific areas where your home needs improvement to prevent air leaks, thus stopping the loss of conditioned air that can contribute to a higher-than-expected electric bill.

The average In-Home Energy Evaluation takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours and must be scheduled in advance by calling DREMC at 931-680-5886.

*The In-Home Energy Evaluation is available to Duck River Electric members at locations where an active meter is installed on the DREMC system.

Complete the DIY Home Energy Assessment online to receive additional advice. The free self-guided DIY Home Energy Assessment lets you explore the ins and outs of your home’s energy use at your own pace, at the time that’s best for you.