Green Connect

DREMC is committed to helping members meet their energy and sustainability goals.

DREMC is committed to helping members meet their energy and sustainability goals. The Green Connect program allows residential members to construct small-scale renewable power generation systems to offset their energy use. Please follow the steps below to assist in the process from start to finish. The first step is contacting us for a free energy audit, but if you’ve already begun a residential solar installation, start with Step 3. 

Solar panels on a roof

Step 1:  Contact DREMC’s Residential Energy Advisor, Pat Garrett at, 931-680-5886, or 931-205-2070. DREMC highly recommends speaking with our Residential Energy Advisor before beginning a solar project.

Step 2:  Select a solar vendor from the Quality Contractor Network (QCN) by visiting

Step 3:  Complete the DREMC Green Connect Interconnection Agreement and Application package. Submit the completed package along with a single-line diagram of the proposed solar project to DREMC at or by mail to DREMC, Attention: Residential Energy Advisor,  PO Box 89, Shelbyville, TN 37162. An application fee of $250 (without battery) or $375 (with battery) is due prior to the review and processing of the application. Check payments can be made out to “DREMC” and sent to PO Box 89, Shelbyville, TN 37162 care of “Green Connect Program.”

Step 4:  DREMC will determine if any distribution system upgrades are necessary to accommodate the proposed solar project. The member will be invoiced for any costs incurred for distribution system upgrades required for the solar project.

Step 5:  Await DREMC approval of the DREMC Green Connect Interconnection Agreement (IA) and Application package. Construction should not begin until a fully executed IA is received.

Step 6:  Obtain necessary permits from building codes enforcement.

Step 7:  Begin construction of the solar project.

Step 8:  Provide certificate of project completion and electrical inspection to DREMC.

Step 9:  All costs incurred, unless otherwise noted, must be paid to DREMC.

Step 10:  DREMC or its designee will perform an onsite inspection and commissioning test.

Step 11:  If all requirements are met and the inspection and commissioning test are passed, DREMC will provide written notification to the member to proceed with parallel operation.

FAQs about solar

I’m interested in installing solar on my home. How do I get started?

DREMC assists residential members with this process from start to finish. Please view our step-by-step guide for what to expect, and review our FAQ to learn more about this program. DREMC’s Residential Energy Advisor will be happy to answer additional questions. Please email or call 931-680-5886.

Does DREMC recommend any solar installers?

Members are encouraged to select a solar vendor from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Quality Contractor Network (QCN) by visiting  This ensures members select solar vendors that are insured, trained on TVA processes and requirements, and will perform quality installations.

Is there a limit on how large of a system I can install?

Every application is evaluated on a case-by-case basis due to differences in transformer size and system capacity at each residence. All proposed systems are evaluated by DREMC engineers to determine if the existing transformer can accommodate the requested system size. If upgrades are required, the member will be advised of the associated cost.

Will a solar installation provide me with power during an outage?

For the safety of DREMC crews, these systems are not allowed to operate during an outage. Power being sent to the DREMC electric system during outage restoration can seriously injure or even prove fatal to line crews.  Members with battery backup installed can run off of the battery during an outage, but the system will not continue to produce power or charge the batteries.

Are there requirements for how my solar system is designed?

Yes, DREMC has a one-line diagram that shows how a solar system needs to be installed in order to interconnect to our electric system. DREMC also requires that the solar design be approved by our engineering staff prior to installation. Please email for assistance with submitting the needed paperwork.

What will I get paid for selling energy back on the grid?

DREMC does not pay solar members for generation under the Green Connect Program. Any excess generated electricity will flow freely back onto DREMC’s distribution system. Members can opt into the TVA Dispersed Power Production (DPP) program and sell power back to TVA. A separate application and additional fees apply.

Are there any fees associated with installing solar in the DREMC service territory?

An inspection by DREMC, or their designee, is required prior to the activation of a solar installation. The fee for this inspection is included in the application fee. Any additional inspections that may be required to approve needed corrections to the installation are also billed to the member at cost. DREMC is not responsible for issuing any construction permits for your installation; members should work with their installer or local government for information on required permits.