Heat Pump Loan Program

Need a heat pump replacement?

Qualifying DREMC members have access to a low-interest, 10-year loan for the installation of an energy-efficient electric heat pump through the TVA EnergyRight program.

The heat pump loan program provides competitive financing for homeowners who are ready to enjoy the money-saving comfort of today’s electric heat pumps.

The loan program includes no down payment, easy and affordable monthly payments, and no penalty for early payoff. Once the installation is completed by a member of TVA’s Quality Contractor Network, the installation will be inspected by DREMC’s Residential Energy Advisor to ensure the quality and energy efficiency of the unit.

To qualify:

  • Contact DREMC at 931-680-5882 for more details on qualifying for the loan.
  • Members must submit the loan application and a copy of their driver’s license for each applicant to begin the loan approval process.
  • The heat pump must be a replacement heating and cooling system.
  • Installation must be performed by a contractor within the TVA Quality Contractor Network. (A list of approved contractors will be made available upon loan approval.)

The completed application and copy of the driver’s license should be emailed to Shay Maupin at smaupin@dremc.com. Members may also submit completed applications by mail or deliver the applications to any DREMC office. For questions regarding the program please contact DREMC’s Residential Energy Advisor, Pat Garrett, at 931-680-5886.