Manchester agrees to evaluate DREMC’s LED city lighting

Manchester agrees to evaluate DREMC’s LED city lighting

In Tuesday’s Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen work session, representatives from Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC) presented a proposal to upgrade the city’s 1,500 plus streetlights to LED (light emitting diode) fixtures to save money and better illuminate city streets.

One Manchester alderman commented that the city “couldn’t lose by working with DREMC” on this street lighting project.

President and CEO Scott Spence and Electrical Engineer Chip Pinion reviewed the current plan and future options and benefits of LED lighting.

Manchester Mayor Lonnie Norman accepted DREMC’s request to discuss LEDs and begin months of ongoing conversations.

“We look forward to working with DREMC on evaluating how we can convert our current street lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting,” said Norman. “The City of Manchester is committed to helping the community become more energy-efficient.”

Last week, DREMC and the town of Normandy in Bedford County unofficially entered into an agreement to replace 39 streetlights with state-of-the-art LED fixtures. Normandy Mayor Charles Whitaker said, “It’s a no brainer,” after listening to the LED proposal.

During the presentation to Manchester aldermen, Pinion explained that LEDs are better quality “clean light” and are less wasteful as LEDs do not disperse light into the sky where it’s not needed.

“With our program, no upfront spending is required, and DREMC maintains inventory to make repairs as needed,” explained Pinion.

Pinion also noted, “DREMC will provide approved project designs to meet all lighting standards and requirements of the Tennessee Department of Transportation on state roads.”

“Commitment to community is a core value for DREMC,” shared Spence. “What’s best for our members in Manchester is what’s important to us; partnering with the Manchester Board of Aldermen on this LED lighting project helps fulfill this mission we both have of serving our community.”

Manchester officials invited DREMC to share more details of the LED lighting upgrade with the Manchester Board of Aldermen’s Street and Street Lighting Committee before action is taken to move forward with the project.