Outage restoration continues following severe storm

Outage restoration continues following severe storm

This photo was taken along Hurt Road in Chapel Hill. A pole was broken beneath the cross arms after a fallen tree weighted down the line and caused the pole to snap.

OUTAGE UPDATE: At 5:30 p.m. today, some 5,600 DREMC members remain without electricity following a powerful thunderstorm that wielded wind gusts, heavy rains and damaging lightning strikes across our service area. Throughout the day, some 13,000 total members were without power across all of DREMC’s districts.

Four DREMC engineering teams are currently in the field assessing damage across the area to help in outage restoration planning. In addition to all of DREMC’s crews, 14 contract crews are also assisting with restoration efforts, including two contract crews from neighboring electric cooperative, Middle Tennessee EMC.

The latest TVA report states that damage to their substation is more extensive than first thought. Repairs may take an additional three hours for TVA’s restoration efforts, according to DREMC staff.

DREMC crews continue to work in all areas to restore electricity. We appreciate your patience.