Pokemon GO and high voltage don’t mix

Pokemon GO and high voltage don’t mix

The Pokemon GO mobile game craze sweeping the nation has now raised public safety concerns and produced warnings from law enforcement and utilities.

Players have been involved in minor mishaps such as tripping, running into walls or trees, and falling off bikes and skateboards due to inattention while focusing on the augmented reality game. Auto wrecks and other serious accidents have been recorded, including dangerous trespassing at high-voltage facilities like power plants and substations.

Posted facilities on the Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC) system are off-limits to the public. Gamers should never attempt to enter a substation or approach high-voltage equipment.

“It’s not worth a crippling injury or death,” says Steven Hopkins, DREMC’s safety coordinator, adding that trespassing on posted and fenced utility property could also result in power outages affecting thousands of co-op members.

“Don’t climb utility poles or trees near high-voltage lines, and stay away from transformers and other equipment used to conduct electric current. Pay attention and be safe while playing the game,” adds Hopkins.

The National Safety Council released a statement alerting the public that a number of injuries have resulted from people playing Pokemon GO without regard to basic safety measures. The Council urges people to consider safety over their scores.