Security Light Rentals

DREMC's new, 50-watt LED security light brings energy efficiency and bright, white light.

If you have an existing DREMC electric pole on your property, you can lease a security light from DREMC for just pennies a day!

DREMC now offers a 50-watt, LED outdoor security lighting, which uses less energy and lasts longer, making them more earth-friendly.

The installation fee for the new LED security light is $80 if a DREMC member wishes to replace an operable high pressure sodium or mercury vapor light with the LED light.

For those whose high pressure sodium or mercury vapor security light becomes defective, DREMC will waive the installation charge and replace the light with an LED security light. We will also waive the installation fee for new light rentals.

The monthly rental fee for the new LED security light will vary slightly as TVA’s fuel charges fluctuate and affect energy rates.

For more information about having a security light installed on your electric pole through our rental program, please call or visit your local DREMC district office.


  • Safety – Outdoor lighting can help prevent accidents due to inadequate lighting.
  • Security – Outdoor lighting can help deter intruders, illuminating your property and protecting you against crime.
  • Convenience – Outdoor lighting from DREMC comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn – automatically!
  • Affordable – You can lease a 50-watt, LED security light for less than $9 a month, and it’s conveniently added to your electric bill.