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‘Spoofing’ alert issued

‘Spoofing’ alert issued

It has come to our attention that DREMC has become the victim of another ‘spoofing’ attempt.  An outside company is using a DREMC office number to portray that the cooperative is initiating the call to the cooperative member. In fact, when the targeted resident answered the call, it was a recording about vacation rentals.

The resident answered the call because one of our numbers appeared on the caller ID, so it looked as though the call was from DREMC. Just like in email ‘spoofing’ where someone’s email address can be used for marketing or fraud purposes, now the scammers can spoof phone numbers.

Scams and ‘spoofing’ such as this continue to surface in our area. Please remember that DREMC does not offer vacation rentals or credit card services and does not participate in special offers such as this where automated calling would be used.

Do not share identity information with unknown callers. Do not give them credit card numbers or bank account information. If they threaten disconnection of electric service unless you pay over the phone, immediately hang up and call DREMC.