Project Help

Project HELP offers assistance to DREMC members having financial difficulty paying electric bills.

Contact the local DREMC office for more information regarding the Project HELP Program.

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DREMC’s Project HELP program is an emergency, residential, energy assistance program overseen by local, charity organizations in seven counties served by Duck River Electric and sponsored by generous donations from DREMC members and employees.

To apply for energy bill assistance through Project HELP, visit the charity organization in the county where you live (shown at right). Complete the application process, and provide any required identification and current energy bill, including the account number.

Project HELP assistance is sent directly to energy providers to pay a portion of the qualifying applicant’s bill. The remaining energy bill balance is the applicant’s responsibility; contact the energy provider about the balance due.

Project HELP accepts monthly and one-time donations to assist those facing financial hardships and unable to pay their electric bills. All Project HELP donations go directly to pay for energy bills of qualifying applicants.

Click here for the Project HELP donation form to participate in the program. Return the form to any DREMC office. DREMC members can also sign up to donate by checking the appropriate box on the electric bill.

Thank you for joining us in helping those in need!

Where to apply for assistance

Bedford County
Bedford County Good Samaritan Association
201 E. Highland Avenue, Shelbyville
(931) 684-8160

Coffee County
Coffee County Good Samaritan Association
115 Park Place, Manchester

(931) 728-5122

Franklin County
Franklin County Good Samaritan Association
1725 Decherd Boulevard, Decherd

(931) 967-9336

Giles County
Giles County Help Center
314 N. First Street, Pulaski

(931) 363-8655

Marshall County
Marshall County Good Samaritan Association
131 E. Commerce Street, Lewisburg

(931) 359-4806

Maury County
Maury County Good Samaritan Association
921 S. Beckett Street, Columbia

(931) 388-3840

Moore County
Moore County Senior Center
87 High Street, Lynchburg

(931) 759-7317