Atributos esenciales para tener éxito en DREMC

DREMC hires and promotes based on a variety of factors, including desired behavioral attributes such as accountability, initiative, and integrity to name a few. While none of us are perfect in all areas, we consistently seek and promote high performers based on positive behavioral patterns and leadership potential. These important factors are considered for each candidate in addition to the required knowledge, skills, and abilities for the posted position.

  •  ACCOUNTABLE – Acceptance of responsibility, or ownership for obtaining results in an ethical manner with a professional attitude.
                                           Responsibility                    Answerable                    Ownership
  • ADAPTABLE – Ability and willingness to adjust behaviors or actions as needed.
                                          Flexible                                 Versatile                          Adjustable
  • AMBITIOUS – Showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.
                                         Aspiring                                Motivated                        Driven
  • COACHABLE – Consistently asks for and receives feedback, demonstrating an interest in growth. Views feedback as an opportunity not as criticism.
                                        Guidable                               Trainer                             Teachable
  • COLLABORATIVE – Willingness and ability to work together to achieve a goal.
                                       Cooperation                          Teamwork                      Joint Effort
  • COMMUNICATOR – Successful transfer or sharing of information, ideas, or feelings.
                                       Effective                                Clear                                 Accurate
  • HUMBLE – Not demonstrating feelings of superiority, self-assertiveness, or showiness.
                                       Humility                               Modest                             Respectful
  • INITIATIVE – The ability and willingness to access and initiate work independently.
                                      Inventiveness                       Self-Starter                     Resourcefulness
  • INNOVATIVE – Introduces new ideas and creative thinking.
                                     Forward-looking                 Progressive                     Inventive
  • INTEGRITY – Consistently aligns actions, attitudes, and words with what is legal and right.
                                    Honest                                   Truthfulness                    Ethical
  • RESILIENCE – Ability and determination to recover quickly from difficulties. Not easily discouraged.
                                   Toughness                            Unstoppable                     Persistent