PowerUp Prepay

Not everyone likes to wait a month before getting bills for their electricity. For many Duck River EMC members, it would be easier to make weekly or biweekly payments. Others might want to track their electricity use more closely in order to make decisions on how to conserve and budget. Others might need a way to reduce the required security deposit based on DREMC’s established credit check.

For these co-op members, DREMC’s PowerUP Prepay Program offers alternatives to traditional billing and payments. While not for everyone, PowerUP Prepay allows individuals and households to “pay-as-they-go” for electricity.

PowerUP Prepay is technology-based. Those who opt for the prepay option will have special meters installed that report how much electricity is used at regular intervals. Participants will be able to view their accounts in order to decide when to add to their pre-paid balance. Meter connection and disconnection is handled remotely. PowerUP Prepay might not be available in certain cases where location and terrain might make the remote reports and signals difficult to transmit.

New Members: Any new member electing to sign up for PowerUP Prepay service will pay $135, which includes the following: $10 membership, $50 deposit, $25 meter set charge, and a minimum prepayment of $50 toward electricity.

Existing Members: For existing members, any deposit in excess of the required $50 deposit associated with the account will first be applied to all past and current charges. Any remaining deposit balance will then be applied to the PowerUp Prepay account as a credit toward future energy purchases. If after the deposit is applied to all past and current charges the member has any unpaid balance, the unpaid balance may be eligible for debt management, with the understanding that future payments will be distributed with 30% to unpaid balance and 70% toward future energy purchase.

DREMC members who use the PowerUP Prepay Program can make payments to their account by using any of these convenient options:

  • Pay in person at any DREMC office during regular office hours
  • Call (931) 684-4621 and use your debit or credit card
  • Pay online by clicking the “Pay My Bill” at the bottom of the page
  • Use the DREMC mobile app

To print the DREMC PowerUP Prepay application, please click here. Read the agreement carefully. Please bring this application with you to our office or scan and email the application to DREMC at corpinfo@dremc.com along with any other required document(s) and/or payment. For more information about our PowerUP Prepay Program, call or visit your local co-op office or click here for a brochure about the prepay option.