New scam reported involving electric bill vouchers

New scam reported involving electric bill vouchers

Among all the telephone and on-line scams involving threats to disconnect electric service and attempts to gain personal identity information or account numbers, now comes a new one: the “Redeem Redemption” con game.

This fraud has been reported in Lincoln County and possibly will be attempted in the Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC) service area. Co-op members need to be on guard against this and other types of utility scams.

Here how it works:

Scammers contact consumers, claiming to represent the “Redeem Redemption” program. They falsely inform the victims that they’ve won a voucher worth hundreds of dollars in discounts on their electric bill and a $100 Walmart gift certificate.

The clincher is that they assure the victim of DREMC and Walmart’s participation in the program. Next, they ask for a credit card number to secure the prizes or other personal identity information.

DREMC dos not offer electric bill discount vouchers, nor does the co-op participate in any prize redemption programs.

Do not allow yourself to become a victim of a utility scam. Always contact your local DREMC office if you are suspicious about a call from someone purporting to be from the electric co-op or who claims to be an “authorized” representative.

Do not share identity information with callers. Do not give them credit card numbers or bank account information. If they threaten disconnection of electric service unless you pay over the phone, immediately hang up and call DREMC.